Canticle for Large Bell

by julianbroadhurst Em

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Electronic Music, Em 1 - Canticle for Large Bell. The Album that founded my 4th Tranche 'Electronic music'. One I have been putting off finishing and publishing for 8 years, because, of uncertainties at various time, decisions on the several versions of pieces, from various general reviews of my work, and finally as almost the last piece in the jigsaw of publications to present a Complete Electronic Works in 42 Albums for my DCM Edition of 2014.

Acho - Rh 51. My 51st piece of [acknowledged] music, and a new Tranche of musical investigation began, Electronic music, Em or music that is processed beyond an obvious point of familiarity with it's Instrumental or Environmental source. This first Piece, Acho is a case in point. With the conventional echo, which I had started to use in my Drum music, Dm tranche [on 'Sky Side Full of Echoes'], you have parameters for all manner of partialities and proportions, arranging so that an echo's decay was hugely longer than that which it was an echo of, would result in a vast build up in of playing out layers, complexity undreamt of. This is when I first discovered that the sonic equivalent of Strobing can cause Epileptic fits in photosensitive Epileptics like me, this is Modified version of that piece, which doesn't now cause Epileptic symptoms in me, but if you are Epileptic please be aware possibility. The name Acho then, is for a species of Echo, not found in nature.

Canticle for Large Bell - Rh 52. This is a signature piece for me, my world turned about it's axis with this piece, as I had access to a local Church Tower. I was delighted with the distressed condition of the outcome ! This is where I think my electronic music begins ! Ever since I heard [it must have been ] a Jonathan Harvey Piece involving bells and Electronics, and the [muffled ?] bells at the funeral of Lady Dianna - I have had an insatiable passion to record and manipulate bell harmonics. So why 'Canticle' ? Well a Canticle is a devotional work for voices, so superficially there is a pun on a name, for a secular work for a Church Bell, having a religious aspect, but it goes much deeper than that. A Canticle is a work for voices, and struck, tuned metal is said to have a 'Voice'. I have then co-opted the Word 'Canticle' to name also a secular piece for the Voices [or Voice] of 'Struck metal'. I would do the same thing again in the pieces I made for Coventry Cathedral, 'The Coventry Canticles', which also work with Church Bells, and again in the Vast 'Rothko Triptych' some years later.

Melody [1] - Rh 53. Generating tones to produce a tiny fragment of melody. The shortest piece I ever made, by a country mile.

Stralla - Rh 56. A piece created with Electric Bass, one of many at the time recorded with 'Siouxsie' my trusted, Black Fender Fretless.

Kolliden Wha - Rh 68. Ooh painful ! Constructed from the sounds of a smallish set of tubular bells, this work screams at you, with an altissimo and volume that could damage your ear drums on headphones, less landmark than landmine. I was experiencing a whole new world of experimentation. The wonderful coinage 'Wha' - gave it's name to my first hour long piece 'Wha', on Em 5 Also built with the same tubular bells. Other Tubular Bells Pieces can be found in my early Metal Percussion music, MPm albums.

Melody [2] - Rh 73. Same thing as Melody [1] really, but a bit longer.


released July 16, 2014

Recording and Mastering at my Drum studio.



all rights reserved


julianbroadhurst Em Derby, UK

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